Tokyo Tsukjii Market (EN)

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  • Age
  • 14+
  • Duree
  • 45-160
  • Joueur
  • 2-6
  • Intensité
  • 3/5

In TOKYO TSUKIJI MARKET, players run a fishing company. Through the purchase of fishing licenses, they may take fishing actions to fish and put their catch for sale at a price they choose, which other players may purchase on their turn.

The core gameplay centers on an open player-driven economy, with central markets that have limited resources, trading, and unique rules. Each game uses only a fraction of the included game markets, adding endless replayability.

There are two types of currency in the game: yen and resource score. Resource score is equal to yen, with the exception that the player with the most resource at game end receives a yen bonus from the bank, and the player with the least must pay the bank a penalty.